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Toplitz Productions. Games with Heart and Soul.

Named after the mystic “Toplitz Lake” which is situated in a dense mountain forest high up in the Alps, Toplitz Productions was recently founded with the aim of developing and publishing computer and video games “with heart and soul”.

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Unawake Surprises Steam Scream Fest With A Spooky New Demo

Pumpkin Bombs, Bats and Gameplay Improvements

The action roleplaying game brings its intense first-person-melee combat to Halloweenland

Unawake, the up-and-coming Action RPG from Turkish indie development team RealityArts Studio and publisher Toplitz Productions, ups the ante with a special rendition of the demo that took Steam Next Fest by storm.

The intense action, combining dynamic first-person melee combat, a rich character progression and a deep loot system, tips its hat to all the trick-or-treaters, jack o’lanterns as well as ghouls & ghosts and challenges players to try the special Halloween-themed demo. Available only during Steam Scream Fest from October 26th thru November 2nd, 2023, action fans are invited to tempt their fate and fight through hordes of aggressive enemies, level up their character, experience the captivating loot spiral and eventually slay the final boss.

The Halloween version of the demo offers the same intensity of the brutal skirmishes as well as the deep look into the mechanics, content and lore of the highly anticipated action game, that caught the attention of thousands of players at Steam Next Fest. And not only that: The developers took the community feedback on board, tweaking and enhancing the mechanics to deliver an even more satisfying gaming experience. Adding some Halloween surprises to the stunning gameworld created with a highly modified Unreal Engine 5, players can experience a new spooky mood exploring the semi-open world while fending off terrifying demons. Unawake not only pushes the envelope in terms of gameplay, but also visually, bringing the eternal conflict between the forces of heaven and hell in semi-open environments to highly detailed life.

Unawake will be available in 2024 for PC and current gen consoles. More information about the story and the various gameplay systems will be released in the coming weeks and months.

About RealityArts Studio

RealityArts Studio, founded in Istanbul 2016 by film and production veterans Ismail Kemal Ciftcioglu and Bahar Baziki, swiftly rose to prominence as Turkey's premier independent gaming company. Their Steam Greenlight success propelled them onto Steam's platform, and they gained recognition from industry giants like Epic Games, Nvidia, Microsoft Turkey, HTC Vive, and MSI. Honored by Endeavor in 2016 and four times by Epic Games with 3 Epic Megagrants and a Best Game award; they secured a coveted place in the global indie game community.



About Toplitz Productions

The German-Austrian publisher, whose name originates from the mysterious Toplitz Lake in the heart of Austria, develops and publishes games with "heart & soul" for all platforms. The company consists of a healthy mix of experienced industry veterans and young talents, all of whom are passionate gamers. They enjoy working with creative developers on many exciting titles, such as those from the "Dynasty" and "Giant" series.

Alpha Gameplay Trailer

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2020-03-24 13:01

Lords, Ladies, peasants — lend me your ears! Today, publisher Toplitz Productions is pleased to share an all-new developer video for their upcoming genre-blending feudal survival and life-simulation game, Medieval Dynasty!

2020-03-16 16:04

Publisher Toplitz Productions is pleased to announce today that both Cattle and Crops and Farmer’s Dynasty, their popular farming simulations, are now available on digital retailer GoG.com.

2020-02-27 13:30

Farmer’s Dynasty puts players in the well-worn boots of a family farmer, looking to rebuild the business into an agricultural giant and dynasty for generations to come.

2020-01-22 12:18

Get ready to take the soccer world by storm — as the thrilling sports game Football, Tactics & Glory today launched on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo SwitchTM.

2020-01-20 11:44

Toplitz Productions to Publish Masterbrain Bytes' Farming Sims — Cattle and Crops

2019-12-19 11:57

Get ready to take the soccer world by storm — as the thrilling sports game Football, Tactics & Glory will launch on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo SwitchTM.

2019-11-21 10:56

Toplitz Productions is celebrating a huge milestone this week as its highly anticipated true-to-life simulation title Farmer’s Dynasty just exited Early Access and released on Windows PC today.

2019-11-18 13:29

New Trailer Released

2019-11-12 14:45

Build Your Own Game Company and Dominate the Industry in Mad Games Tycoon

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