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Toplitz Productions. Games with Heart and Soul.

Named after the mystic “Toplitz Lake” which is situated in a dense mountain forest high up in the Alps, Toplitz Productions was recently founded with the aim of developing and publishing computer and video games “with heart and soul”.

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Toplitz Productions and Bitfall Studios present a special mix of city builder and puzzle game

Place the first lumberjack hut. Draw the next card and be surprised! In TerraScape you can build a complete village according to your own wishes. The challenge is to place the buildings wisely. The more clever they are placed, the higher the reward, which has a direct impact on your score. Will you be lucky with your next deck? In TerraScape, luck and skills are the keys to success.

Experience an inviting, varied and relaxed game that gives you the opportunity to shape and expand your empire with each pack of cards. Earn points by placing your cards wisely and get your reward in the form of further decks of cards, which you can use step by step and very clever to secure the future of your city and thus your success in the game.

Different game modes and procedural maps guarantee exciting challenges – you alone set the pace of your game.

"TerraScape caught our attention from the very first moment! The special graphics, the decelerated game concept and the well implemented game mechanics make the product appealing," explains Stefan Berger, Head of Business Development & Sales Toplitz Productions. "We are looking forward to the cooperation with Bitfall Studios and the release of TerraScape."

"With TerraScape we are releasing our first game title and are looking forward to the joint release with the great team at Toplitz Productions," adds Nico Pattmann, Co-Founder and CEO of Bitfall Studios GmbH. "The combination of puzzle and city builder elements excited us from the beginning, which is why our entire team was passionately involved in the development from the idea to the release. We are proud of the current result and look forward to the feedback from our community."

The first wooden planks and bricks have already been placed: TerraScape will challenge your strategic skills to bring your city's vision to life in Q1 2023 as an Early Access Game.

Don't just rely on your luck! It is up to you to realize your ideas in the beautiful world of TerraScape and create your paradise round by round!


The game offers several game modes, procedural maps, and exciting challenges. In Early Access, TerraScape will be expanded with more decks, maps, and game modes in the future.

Each building has different influences, be it other buildings, natural resources, or the right terrain. Earn bonus points by collecting as many positive influences as possible, but beware: there are also negative influences!

By collecting points, you unlock new decks and buildings. Each deck consists of several building cards. Specialize by placing buildings of certain decks more often and cleverly, and thereby unlock more decks.

If you place your buildings well, you can draw new cards. But always keep an eye on your strategy and plan which cards you really need. Otherwise, you may draw buildings that are not useful for your current planning.

The unique map generator creates new maps with endless possibilities! Also, play handcrafted missions with increasing difficulty and show your friends and the world that you are the best player in the high score list.

Let yourself be captivated by the unique graphic style and lovingly designed landscapes. You set the pace, so sit back and enjoy the view.

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