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Toplitz Productions. Games with Heart and Soul.

Named after the mystic “Toplitz Lake” which is situated in a dense mountain forest high up in the Alps, Toplitz Productions was recently founded with the aim of developing and publishing computer and video games “with heart and soul”.

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 Iron the jerseys, get out the scarves and then it's off to the stadium. GOAL! The Club Manager is ready to start the battle for the championship on the coaches' benches in the stadiums on Steam  as well as GOG.com. This marks the first new entry of the renowned franchise (known as “Anstoss” in Germany) for more than 16 years. Developer 2tainment and publisher Toplitz Productions are celebrating the release of the game in Early Access with a whopping short-term discount of 22% when purchasing a season ticket (SRP: 24.99 GBP/29,99 EUR/29.99 USD).

Determine the team line-up and tactics before you send the squad onto the pitch and enjoy the tense match display, which can be optionally enhanced with 3D sequences. But there is more to your career than setting up training regimes. You are also the sporting director, squad planner and stadium architect, while you scout the transfer market to strengthen your team and take care of every detail of training and tactical alignment. Prove that you can put your club on the road to success not only in sporting terms, but also financially. GOAL! is more than a coaching simulator - here you hold the fate of the club in your hands.

"We are very excited to celebrate the season opening for GOAL! together with 2tainment," explains Matthias Wünsche, CEO Toplitz Productions. "The spirit of the franchise can already be felt everywhere in Early Access and will only become more intense with the next updates and features.”

Stefan Weyl, CEO of 2tainment, is also delighted: "It was a long way from the first concept to the current release in Early Access. But we didn't let the stumbling blocks along the way stop us and are proud to have launched a worthy successor to the glorious series together with the loyal community and Toplitz. And we are far from finished. The roadmap is filled to the brim and we can't wait to give the fans more and continue down this path with them."



About GOAL! The Club Manager:
Get ready for classic management gameplay, adapted to the increased demands on coaches and managers as well as the developments of modern football. GOAL! offers depth and realism and confronts you with the complexity of being a manager without getting lost in micromanagement and spreadsheets. You are the coach, the manager, sports director and club CEO in one. You take care of the team, tactics, lineup, transfer market, club grounds, finances and much more. Create your dream team – if you can afford it!

GOAL! is designed not only to reflect the modern demands of an all around club boss, but also to cater to the gamer’s needs. GOAL! respects the time you have at your disposal: Whether you want to enjoy your gaming experience in depth, optimizing every aspect of your team down to the smallest detail or prefer to play a whole season in one afternoon - GOAL! is the flexible football manager that caters towards your preferences.

Additionally you will enjoy the tongue-in-cheek humor, taking a poke at the sometimes all-too-serious affair that is today’s football, making GOAL! The Club Manager a worthwhile alternative to more time-consuming manager games. Regardless of this, a career with an in-depth skill system, finances, sponsoring, squad management, contract negotiations and extensive statistics give GOAL! everything managers need to dive in, including stadium environment and expansion, transfer market, scouting and youth work. You could even become the head coach of your favorite national team. Are you ready to lead your squad to victory?


  • The tactics engine unites classic management gameplay and the latest development, methods and rule changes in modern football.

  • With the heatmap you can analyze and evaluate both the teams‘ and the individual players‘ performance. Make changes, optimize tactics and directly see the impact of your decision.

  • Scouting and data analytics are the key to every club’s long term success. Develop a world-wide network and discover new talents.

  • They are personalities: Each player has dozens of abilities and a multitude of character traits influencing their development and playstyle. Know them to improve them.

  • Your character’s abilities as a coach and manager are enhanced via an extensive skill tree, giving you more options and choices to specialize. Are you a football scientist or an old-school manager relying on the hairdryer treatment?

  • Optional 3D scenes bring the text mode to life

  • Simple and intuitive: The new edition of the beloved franchise offers a slick user interface with a clear and efficient menu structure.
  • Help is only a click away: Tutorials and tooltips offer help and advice for all newcomers to the challenging job as a club manager (*will be implemented during Early Access)

  • Become the coach of your favorite national team (*will be implemented during Early Access)

  • Multiplayer mode: There’s nothing like the Old Firm or the Classico with your online buddies. (*will be implemented during Early Access)

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